Role of HR in Redefining Work and People Strategies

Role of HR in Redefining Work and People Strategies
Review and identify critical positions, restructuring of roles, talent deployment, role profiling, work force realignment and job rotation instead of new hiring.

Start of 2020 was unprecedented to come across COVID-19 pandemic, which is an unsaid emergency all over the world. Due to COVID-19, lockdown is initiated by many countries for so long therefore people are not able to move from their places even for work. Hence, economy and financial markets are certain to get impacted across the industry and world. This has given growth in digital economy which has opened up new ways of working. For seamless functions, organizations need to rely on digital platform and technology which will emerge the new business model. Thus HR has to play a vital role to manage workforce with new business model and play real business partner role.

It is important for organizations to think on preparedness for future and likewise HR needs to be relooked on its sub systems viz. Talent Acquisition, Performance Management System (PMS), Learning and Development, Employee Engagement, Reward & Recognition etc. in line with new business model to go along with organizations on the same pace.

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Dr. Sandeep Kumar Joshi

is associated as DGM -HR with Zydus Lifesciences Ltd. Ahmedabad.

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