Adda247 announces Unlimited Leaves to bolster their employee friendly culture

Adda247 announces Unlimited Leaves to bolster their employee friendly culture

24th May, New Delhi: Adda247, India’s largest vernacular test-prep platform has announced a major update in their employees’ leave policy. With a mindset to keep education and its people first, Adda247 has announced ‘Unlimited Sick Leaves’ and introduced ‘Recharge leaves’ which employees can utilize after meeting rigorous deadlines or just to take a break from work. With the announcement, Adda247 aims to create a positive work environment  that promotes  employee-welfare amongst their workforce.

Adda247 is a firm believer in the fact that employees’ welfare goes hand in hand with organizational growth. Along with the Recharge leaves, the company has also increased their ‘All Purpose Leave‘ and have announced ‘Unlimited Sick Leaves’ Policy for employees recovering from long illness, accidents and injuries.

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Commenting on the new leave policy, Mr. Anil Nagar, Founder & CEO, Adda247 said, “In a fast paced growing industry such as edtech, it is important that employees maintain high levels of productivity and agility. At Adda247, it is our constant endeavor to create an environment where our employees feel valued, supported, and cared for. We are committed to building a healthy and inclusive culture for all employees, and the roll out of the updated leave policy is a step in that direction”

“These changes are intended to foster an employee friendly culture where employees work towards a larger cause and derive work satisfaction. We are also looking at many more such initiatives in future. Keeping the people’s focus in mind we are renaming our HR function as ‘People Enablers’ as that better justifies our objective”, added Neeti Kumar, Vice President, HR, Adda247.

Adda247 has played an instrumental role in the learning journeys of more than 50 million students beyond metropolitan cities by delivering quality online education in 10 vernacular languages.  Last year, the company raised around $20 million in a Series B funding round led by WestBridge Capital. To add strategic value to Adda247’s offering in the UPSC and State PSC segment, the company recently acquired UPSC focused edtech platform, Study IQ Education.

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