Mondelez India uses metaverse for new employees onboarding

Mondelez India uses metaverse for new employees onboarding

May 24, 2022 – Mondelez India recently introduced an inclusive, immersive way to onboard new employees using the Metaverse.

These newly recruited employees can tour digital versions of the company’s manufacturing facilities, innovation centres, global R&D and corporate offices and meet colleagues virtually.

A step forward in our company’s global enterprise digital journey and a product of a strong cross functional team of digital innovators and onboarding specialists, this experience delves into the Metaverse and leverages the Meta (Facebook) Oculus Virtual Reality headset to deliver a full and interactive immersion.

From the comfort of their respective locations, new hires and existing employees can transport themselves to explore digital versions of key Mondelez India locations, including head office, Global R&D, innovation centres and manufacturing facilities. Thus, offering a greater sense of community and culture by providing the Mondelez signature experience, no matter where the employee is situated.

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Speaking on the rollout, Shilpa Vaid, Head HR at Mondelez India said, “ Given the shift to remote and hybrid work models, we have been deeply thinking on how to redefine our colleagues’ work experiences at Mondelez. We want to ensure that onboarding and assimilation into the company becomes a key “signature moment” for the new hires irrespective of their locations and therefore we decided to launch this cool immersive experience.”

Vaid said that onboarding is among the key moments that matter for an employee at an organisation and is also an opportunity for the employers to validate that the new hires have made the right choice.

Spread across several weeks, the onboarding process at the company during pre-Covid times included physical visits to the company’s manufacturing facilities and innovation centres, among others activities.

“ But we felt that in this new normal those experiences have not been as compelling for the new hires as it would have been during the pre-Covid era. The immersive experience has therefore been designed in a manner that the new hires across functions are able to understand the purpose of the organisation, cultural nuances, and have a greater sense of community. Currently, a batch of 50 new hires across functions are getting onboarded through this pilot programme ,” she added.

. “We are the first Business Unit across Mondelez that is piloting this initiative. We would like to scale it up to the level where all new hires can get onboarded through the Metaverse. The generation that is entering the workforce already uses these technologies in their personal lives. So, this is in line with our strategy, as an organisation, to focus on embracing new digital technologies across functions including HR, ” Vaid added.

Sanjay Gurbuxani, VP, Mondelēz Digital Services, AMEA & Africa, and Global Digital Innovations, Mondelēz International  said- “This is aligned with our Mondelez digital strategy to continue to leverage new age digital technologies as a source of delighting our employees in new relevant digital ways!”

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