Workplace Learning Trend -2022

Workplace Learning Trend -2022
The priorities of leaders for the year ahead must shift to ensuring top talent not only stays with the company, but that their skills can evolve quickly enough to stay competitive.

“Power skills have always been an important part of workplace learning, and their importance has only grown more urgent as the global workforce navigates the changes of the last few years. Enabling employees to develop power skills related to communication, collaboration, and change leadership is key to building an agile business and a strong company culture.”- Melissa Daimler, Chief Learning Officer, Udemy

The most in-demand skills aren’t just about staying ahead of the technical curve. Skills related to leadership, teamwork, communication, productivity, and wellness are critical to every employee’s performance. This is why it no longer makes sense to call them “soft skills”, as if they represent a less important set of skills in the workplace. These skills aren’t justnice to have. They’re essential for changing the workplace.

Investing in workforce development facilitates employee productivity keeps employees engaged and satisfied in their work, boosts employee retention, and supports the innovation...

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