2022 Trends to watch…

2022 Trends to watch...
We also need to be positive in 2022 considering the spread of the Omicron variant. Few trends we should watch in 2022 are explained here.

After completion of 365/366 days, the year ends, and the new year comes. Every year gives a different experience, different learning. Year 2020 was difficult for us because of covid 19. Many people lost their loved ones. We expected that 2021 would be good, however it was more challenging. The positive side is that we got the vaccine, however again there is a fear of the spread of Omicron variant 2022. Life has been tough for us for the last 2 years and 2022 will not be a different year. However, there is a silver lining in everything.

Time acts like a great teacher, mentor, and guru. Every year gives some perspective to life. 2020 taught us to be human, being minimalist. Year 2021 taught us the value of life. Every human being is impacted by the covid 19 during 2021. Crisis like oxygen and unavailability of hospital beds tested our patience. The good news was getting vaccinated, and India has done a remarkably wonderful job by vaccinating people. 144 crores doses are administered till date.

Another positive thing happened is domestic consumption has gone up and the...

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Vinod Bidwaik

currently is Group Director- AP Globale & Sakal Media Group.

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Vinod Bidwaik

currently is Group Director- AP Globale & Sakal Media Group.

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