Work-Life Balance is a cycle, not an achievement

After all, it is going to benefit the organisation and generate more revenue & profits and I am paying him the salary equivalent to that, then I should get those results too. An organisation is in existence to make money and profits, no matter how.

1. To some extent yes, the organisation did fail to see or rather I would say neglect the aspect of work-life balance in Vikram’s life. After all, who would not be aware of the importance of maintaining a work-life balance especially in today’s pandemic times where home and office are the same, there is no such thing as ‘calling it a day’ or ‘left office for home’, etc…There are no fixed work hour timings. Employees are burnt out working from home continuously ever since the pandemic started and no immediate solution seems in sight. In fact, the necessity of maintaining a work-life balance has become all the more important now. So to say that the organisation failed to see importance of work-life balance in Vikram’s life is ironical.

If I were to look at it from an employer’s perspective, here I have recruited someone with me who is young, ambitious, talented, hungry for success, is an achiever, workaholic, is able to manage huge loads of work, can work 24*7*365, travel, can do all the work assigned to him and deliver...

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April 2024

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