Be Resilient and understand the unsaid

Be Resilient and understand the unsaid
Upendra by adopting a non-typical mindset can then think and behave in broader pro-social ways, which is especially relevant when he finds himself in a dilemma where being overly committed, loyalty & ethics is pit against other concerns.

1- Mega Power Infotech doesn’t seem to be a fair workplace. The organisation’s culture doesn’t seem to promote openness of culture and walk the talk. Everyone, it seems has their own personal agenda. The culture seems to be of a secretive type. Here, what matters is being on the good side of your boss and not to burn bridges with them. Mitesh was more interested in using Upendra to get the work done as given to him by VP-HR. He was not interested in the personal traits and talents of Upendra and for that matter, Upendra being a strong custodian of company ethics, Mitesh just wanted someone who would do the work as per his instructions, no matter what. Of course, Mitesh had to use political language and diplomacy with Upendra at times to get the work done as he was also under pressure for deliverables from VP-HR, but that’s how the system worked in this organisation where hierarchies play an important role, rather than doing the right things. Nilesh knew that and that is the reason why he seemed to show of being supportive to Mitesh’s decision of...

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