Women are dominating the communication roles in Gig Economy: Report

Women are dominating the communication roles in Gig Economy: Report

WomenThe participation of women in the gig economy has seen seedy growth in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year 2022 (April-September), according to a research report by Taskmo, a tech-driven gig discovery platform. The research highlights the job preference among women in the gig economy.

The platform has over 75,000+ gig workers registered. As per data, women’s participation in the gig economy has increased from 27% to 36% in the last quarter itself.

“Gig economy is gaining popularity among companies as well as workers. Every age, gender, and race is exploring its benefits. Flexibility and freedom to choose is the major motivation to join the gig economy. There is a surge in women’s participation in the gig economy who are proffering to take up gig job roles. We are proud to say that the women taskers are breaking the stereotypes and pushing themselves to perform their best at every given opportunity,” said Prashant Janadri, Co-founder, Taskmo.

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He also added that Times are changing and so is the determination of our women, the gig economy offers women the ability to earn extra money, choose their working hours, place of work, and also the nature of work. As we are witnessing the increase in the demand for remote work roles, it will also lead to an increase in women’s participation in the gig economy.

An analysis of the data from the platform also showed that there is a drastic demand for remote work from women taskers end. Also, women’s participation in the gig economy has increased by 300% in comparison to last year. 33% of overall tasks are Digital whereas 67% are hyperlocal tasks. There could be several reasons such as flexibility of job timings, extra income, the lesser barrier to entry, no full-time commitment, portfolio development, and a no-string-attached relationship with their jobs that help them to balance their personal and professional life better than before.

“Gig jobs benefits are now explored by all and it is attracting many students as well as working women to work at their ease and comfort while continuously upgrading their skills through digital training that we have to offer. Women’s participation has increased exponentially, we have seen around 10,000-12,000 women apply for tasks in a month, as compared to 200-4,000 women six months before. Some are even known to have turned their gig jobs into a career of their own” said, Naveen Ram, Co-founder, Taskmo.

Women’s participation in the gig economy is seeing steady growth

Telecalling, digital promoters, and communication roles are the most proffered among them

In Tier 2 cities women have shown the most participation in the gig economy

A majority of the women who are opting for gig job roles belong to Tier-2 cities like Indore, Bhopal, Pune, Coimbatore, and Mysore. Women from Pune have shown the highest participation by around 17% whereas Bhopal has seen the least participation. Because Tier 2 cities are in a continuously developing stage where demand for the job is always higher than the supply, remote work has emerged as a boon for them after COVID. And with the increase in remote work opportunities women’s participation is gaining momentum in the work culture of men.

Although the gig job roles do not come with gender specifications, employers always prefer hiring energetic, smart workers with good communication skills for their organizations. At Taskmo, employees get hired by companies like Amazon, Tata group, Zomato, Giva, SBI, Ola, Uber, Airtel, Meesho, PhonePe, etc.

The remote work opportunities and flexibility have increased women’s participation in the gig economy.

The pandemic has catapulted the growth of the gig sector as people and companies started working remotely. There is around a 100% increase in the number of telecaller executives from April 2022 to September 2022. Initially, people started joining the gig economy out of necessity because of COVID whereas now people are exposed to its benefits, and companies as well as taskers are utilizing most of it.

Micro-influencers and Digital promoter executives are the most preferred jobs by women today as the most necessary skills required in these positions are communication skills and women are considered naturally good communicators. Also, we have seen women performing better in all communication roles in comparison to men.

Currently, on Taskmo’s platform, there are 26,750 telecallers registered, out of which 68% are women taskers who also get a higher income depending on the increase in sales. A few other job roles such as Micro-influencers, Digital promoters, brand promoters, and micro-influencers are also popular amongst women.

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