We All Have Zinc In Our Lives

We All Have Zinc In Our Lives

We All Have Zinc In Our Lives

The book, “We All Have Zinc in Our Lives – Strengthening India’s Economy and Health” is perhaps the first comprehensive book that highlights the benefits of Zinc in health and for protecting steel from rusting through galvanization. The Author of the book – Pavan Kaushik, is a veteran in communication field with over 30 years of rich experience and has worked over 12 years exclusively in Zinc sector. He has comprehensively worked towards usages of Zinc in health and infrastructure, and also authored many articles on Zinc. The author’s research through about 100 bibliographies itself demonstrates the intensity of the book.

For the benefit of the readers, the book primarily has three sections – the knowledge about Zinc – its origin and presence in Vedic era. The other section has Zinc – health benefits, and finally, Zinc – as a protector of steel from rusting, thus securing the live of infrastructure.

Interesting, the ‘rishis’ of Vedic era recommended ‘Jasada Bhasma’ a Zinc based preparation, as the treatment of choice for diabetes. The Zawar mines in Rajasthan are one of the oldest evidence of Zinc mines that date back to the 9th century, having traces as old as 2500-3000 years.

The Author says, an adult human body contains about 2-3 grams of Zinc, needed for the body’s enzymes and immune system to function properly. Every cell requires Zinc to multiply. Zinc strengthens the immune system to prevent and effectively fight diarrheal diseases which are often life threatening for children in the developing countries. A few extra milligrams of Zinc everyday could save the life of 450,000 kids every year. Through examples, the Author has given examples as how Zinc helps in improving eyesight, preventing respiratory infections, treating acne, common cold, age-related chronic diseases, improving fertility and has healing properties. Its usages for insect repellents, sun screens, paints, rubber, cosmetics, surgical tools, airplanes, appliances, pharmaceuticals, plastics, inks, soaps, batteries, textiles, electrical equipment etc. have been attractively elaborated through examples.

Another part in the book speaks about how millions and billions of infrastructures stand protected through usage of zinc-galvanized steel. The book also gives examples of structures like Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Kedarnath Pilgrimage Temple Bridge, Bandra Worli Sea Link, World’s Tallest Statue – Statue of Unity and the Lotus Temple in Delhi, that stand protected through usage of Zinc galvanized steel. The book also mentions structures where Zinc galvanized steel is not used and thus these structures have become vulnerable to rusting and corrosion.

Pavan Kaushik has written about use of galvanized steel in the automobile sector and how global car makers provide essentially anti-rusting warranty and how in India, it is still to have this provision in the policy. In fact, this is also not covered in any car’s insurance policy. Similarly, the books also mention about how railways can save billions of rupees by adopting Zinc galvanized steel fish-plates, rails and other infrastructures.

Written in simple words, the book is a good read for people who are health and infrastructure conscious.

Author : Pavan Kaushik
Research Support : Devika Gupta
Publisher : Kriti Publications, 222, Krishn Vatika, Church Road,
Boirdadar, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh
Email : kritipublicationsindia@gmail.com

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