The Accountability Clock

The Accountability Clock

This book provides practical, actionable steps to come out of the victim mindset and become accountable.

This book provides practical, actionable steps to come out of the victim mindset and become accountable. Authors have drawn inspiration from the 5000 years old epic Mahabharata. These examples are only to explain and understand if we are still living in that era. How the critical characters in Mahabharata failed in their Accountability that led to the greatest war in India’s recorded history. Blending the old with the new, authors have also covered real stories from highly successful companies that have inculcated Accountability as a culture and how they are benefiting from it.

This book is for you if you are trying to find what is Accountability, if you want to make real changes in the way you and your team work, if you’re going to be someone who does what they say they’re going to do, if you would like to learn how to stay Accountable for your tasks and goals and if you want different results than you;ve ever gotten before.

Following the method shared in this book will help to lift the fog, uncover the best of yourself and use that to get into action so that you look like a Working Clock and get Accountable. The problem is that many of us only follow the set path like a robot.

Following steps in this book, you will learn to place yourself and all of your gifts at the centre of your confident self. You will be able to use this approach to make progress and to find meaningful, fulfilling Accountable state.

The 4 step Accountability Clock framework will transform your thinking about being Accountable. You will appreciate the knowledge of the external needs and what you need to do to be satisfied and successful.

This book, with the help of the Accountability Clock framework, will help you move from Stuck Clock situation to becoming a Working Clock. Supported with real stories from different companies and people, you will be able to discover the secret success sauce of Accountability. Authors have also used the epic Mahabharata to showcase the winning and losing behaviours. As you progress from one step to the next, there are quick exercises for self-evaluation and reflection. These exercises act as a mirror to your progress.

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