Training is for people development, not an event

Training is for people development, not an event
Trainer should also not accept such offer which has no substance of clarity on contents even if he is paid nicely, it is just to maintain his own brand image. However, in the current situation he can only share basic elementary knowledge with the people instead of terminating the session because this will give adverse impression on people towards the seriousness on the issue.

In any establishment may it be commercial or industrial, training to its employees is the key source of performance, productivity and profit. It’s an integral part of Business. No organisation can survive without learning and development of its people. The expenses budgeted for the training of its employees and extended to vendors is the investment not a liability. The added advantage of the training to the employees to maintain enough work flexibility and no loss of production in absence of any person. Training to the employees should be a management’s commitment and part of business strategy instead of simply being a clause of KRA of HR professional and conceptually it should be acceptable from top to bottom as cultural traits of the organisation. However, in most of the organisations the ground reality towards learning and development is not so exciting as it is expected. The expenses in trainings becomes the first victim of cost curtailment drive. The disinterest and unplanned approach of shop managers further help HR professionals who are normally the custodian...

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