To win the Marketplace, first win the Workplace

To win the Marketplace, first win the Workplace

Human resource (HR) flexibility is a firm-level capability that consists of employee skill flexibility, employee behaviour flexibility, and HR practice flexibility. HR flexibility allows organisations to adapt and be responsive to changes in their environments. If the organisation is highly innovative and has flexible HR policies, then that influences organisational culture, risk-taking and experimentation within a firm.

As the nature of doing business changes, HR roles are expanding and refocusing. Far from simply reacting to major events in the business climate, economy and labour market, HR professionals are uniquely positioned to look ahead to industry and global changes and to anticipate the resulting impact on how business is conducted. HR is increasingly called upon to navigate organisations through changes that occur as a result of trends in globalization, technology, the labour market, and financial outlooks. In order to successfully fulfil these expectations, HR leaders must respond by identifying and...

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