Empathy is a double edged sword

Empathy is a double edged sword
Empathy is a double edged sword
Empathy can only be practised when the environment is psychologically safe. Employees cannot be vulnerable if the environment punishes people for making mistakes.

Why the element of empathy has gained importance in the workplace post covid phase and how it impacts the work culture?

GB Let us rewind a year from now and look at how things have dramatically changed. As businesses, we were forced to change our ways of working overnight and none of us were prepared. Collectively we all had tough days working in a whole new environment which was familiar yet different – our homes. Managing workload whilecarryingout home chores, taking care of kids/elderly parents, loneliness especially faced by singles and numerous changes in lifestyle all took a toll on us. As a result, many folks suffered from isolation which led to existential crises. It seemed as if we were all stuck in a mundane loop of what felt like a never ending spiral. In these times, it is pivotal to understand and accept that we are all humans doing our best. It’s not business as usual, it’s business as best we can. Â Now if we look at this scenario logically, leading...

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Gurleen Baruah

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