Empathy has to be modeled in leaders behaviour

Empathy has to be modeled in leaders behaviour
Leaders can foster empathy in organisation by not merely naming it as an important organisation value or by conducting training programs around it but by modelling it in their behaviour.

Why the element of empathy has gained importance in the workplace post covid phase and how it impacts the work culture?

FN Pandemic triggered a range of physiological and psychological responses owing to increased uncertainty, social isolation and lost sense of normalcy escalating individual sensitivity and distress. A survey by Grover et al. (2020) under the aegis of the Indian Psychiatry Society found that 40.5% of the participants reported anxiety or depressive symptoms. About three-fourth (74.1%) reported a moderate stress level, and 71.7% reported poor well-being. In a crisis, connecting with people’s needs and responding to their insecurities becomes critical, making empathy an indispensable element. Pandemic set this realization for many business leaders that one of the best ways to look after their employees’ well-being in such times, is by infusing their culture with empathy and compassion. For instance, during the lockdown Dell Technologies’ marketing...

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Dr. Farah Naqvi

Associate Professor (OB & HR) at Gulf Centre for University Education (GCUE), Kuwait

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