The invisible bridge between Brain and Behaviour – Neuroscience

The invisible bridge between Brain and Behaviour - Neuroscience
These projections make the unique neuro scientific approach to achieve the new excellence, absolutely urgent and hardly dispensable.

Neuroscience (NS) is carefully nurturing the concept of the proverb ‘Putting oneself into somebody’s shoes’. Who will not like, if I happen to say: ‘Tere dil ki baat mein jaanu’ (I understand what is there in your heart). Visionary companies with large-scale ambitions are keen to predict human behaviour to a large accuracy, are investing in their own laboratories, science personnel, or partnerships with academia. Neuro marketing is the brainchild of NS; despite being an expensive approach is still ticking the tempo of the time. Neuroscience uses brain-scanning technology-such as fMRIs and Electro Encephalography (EEG)-to observe how people’s brain responds to different kinds of stimulus, a specific ad, packaging design, product design, etc. Making use of the results of the scans may be more appealing or motivating, and, hence rewarding.

According to a report, the global Human Resource Technology market grew at a CAGR of 14% during 2014-2019. Human Capital Management being the crux...

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