Technology adoption, labour welfare & employee engagement will be in focus

Technology adoption, Labour welfare & employee engagement will be in focus
Some of them who were having no trust deficit in their leadership were able to communicate properly while some of them were not able to communicate properly leading to development of trust deficit.

Do you think there will be need of recalibrating HR post covid? If yes, what would be the focus areas?

VV Human resource management has been evolving since the time the concept of human resource management came into existence in 1980. Pandemic has always been a catalyst in increasing the pace at which the changes take place. With Covid pandemic, the way the business operates has also changed. Post Covid era has forced to recalibrate the human resource function to reconsider the labour management principles coupled with human resource development and adoption of the technology.

Covid period has forced executives to work from home leading to high adoption of the technology and changes in the human behaviour. The stress, work life balance etc which happens to be one of the concerned areas for employee welfare has modified. The way the scenario was handled because of physical interaction is losing its scope and while employees were at home for over one and a half year, their...

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Vishal Verma

HR Department at Alumnus Software Limited

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Vishal Verma

HR Department at Alumnus Software Limited

June 2024

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