HR needs to work with a true sense of purpose and passion

HR needs to work with a true sense of purpose and passion
Reputational damage suffered from a poor COVID response will have huge implications on the ability to attract or retain top talent. Finances are a major stressor in employees lives that has a significant impact on employees' workplace performance.

Do you think there will be need of recalibrating HR post covid? If yes, what would be the focus areas?

AA HR teams will need to recalibrate themselves post covid to keep employee spirits and productivity levels high during the pandemic. In organisations, HR leaders have been presented with opportunities and challenges to quickly provide employees with the organisation’s response to the pandemic. While rolling out new guidelines for working and providing infrastructural and social support, this can reshape the workforce by incorporating changes in skills and business policies if needed during the pandemic. It is essential for HR teams to recognize and acknowledge mental stress as a result of the pandemic’s aftermath and to assist employees through it. Organisations will need to ensure higher levels of engagement so that employees don’t feel disconnected, especially with those employees working remotely to ensure productivity. This crisis has created a new level of trust and transparency among...

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Aman Attree

Group Head Corporate -HR at Hindustan Power Projects, New Delhi

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