Staffing Industry show sign of recovery

Staffing Industry show sign of recovery

Even as Indian industries face fresh challenges from the Omicron wave, the industry had started making recovery after the second wave of the pandemic last year according to a report of Indian Staffing Industry (ISF) in respect of Q2 of 2022 released today.

After the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, the staffing industry witnessed a steady recovery, with 2.15 lakh new workers added YoY (Q2 21 vs. Q2 22). ISF members represent 1.15 million workers. In Q2 22, approximately 98,000 new staff were added. The Indian staffing industry bounced back with 9.2% net employment growth in Q222. Most of this growth came from the IT, ITeS, eCommerce, retail and healthcare sectors. The construction sector also saw a surge in growth. Demand across sectors was majorly seen in the mid-junior levels, however IT sector specifically saw a huge need for experienced and niche skills professionals. The employment sentiment across the sectors were highly positive which is directly also visible through the massive impetus seen in the staffing industry. In Q2 22, hospitality industry had started to prepare for reopening whereby hotels and restaurants were noticeably ramping up their workforce.


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