Simplilearn And Jobsforher Collaborate To Make 1,000 Women Job-Ready In Tech

Simplilearn And Jobsforher Collaborate To Make 1,000 Women Job-Ready In Tech

March 23, 2022: Simplilearnthe world’s #1 online boot camp for digital economy skills training,  today announced its partnership with JobsForHer, India’s largest online platform for women’s careers, to train and upskill 1000 women in the next year in Full Stack Java Development, making them job-ready for the future.

Women now make up 34% of the IT workforce in India, but the participation of women in tech starts declining as we move up the career ladder. We need to address this issue head-on and focus on increasing the talented women workforce, or the already stubborn gender gap will only continue to widen for women in tech.

This program, designed as a ‘women-exclusive’ initiative, aims to strengthen the position and capacities of Women in Tech. The Full Stack Java Development program is a part of Simplilearn’s Job Guarantee* Program, allowing women to pursue their ambitions without worrying about finding a job. Simplilearn assures learners job placement* on completion of the program: if any student, after signing up for career services and adhering to all timelines, is unable to find placement even after six months of completing the course, Simplilearn promises a guaranteed* refund of the course fee to the learner.

This program has been designed to bridge the gender gap in the professional space. To this end, Simplilearn aims at creating 1,000 women Java developers by the end of the year through this partnership with JobsForHer.

The program will be of a duration of 1 year – of which six months will constitute learning modules, and the next six months will be devoted to the career preparation of the learners. Each batch shall consist of 50 women learners who will be trained by Simplilearn to master coding and also to build their own projects, apps, websites, and backend systems. JobsForHer will provide exclusive mentorship to these women learners, who will get a chance to connect with the finest mentors and can receive the best career guidance, industry insights, and inspiration from the top corporate leaders. Women learners will also receive invites to be part of JobsForHer exclusive networking events with top companies committed to hiring talented and skilled women to their diverse teams.

By the time learners complete the program, they will be industry ready to work in various software development and related roles.

Speaking about the program, Mr. Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn, said, “Industry reports indicate a significant demand in Full Stack Development jobs in the last couple of years. While this is a great opportunity to upskill and adapt to suit the market demand, there often exists a gap when it comes to upskilling women for these roles. With the aim to boost the role of women in tech, we look forward to upskilling at least 1000 women in the next year with the Full Stack Java Development program designed exclusively for them. We are confident that after completing the program, women who are either starting their professional careers or have taken a break in the past will be able to accelerate their careers.”

Recently, more tech companies have opened roles for women in tech. India’s largest platform to accelerate women’s careers, JobsForHer, has found that IT comprises almost half of the job postings on the platform. IT is the industry with the most demand for women professionals, hands down. JobsForHer also saw registration from women in tech rise by 21% in 2021. Tech upskilling in new technologies is an essential aspect for IT professionals. Employers see that upskilling and reskilling employees in new technologies is necessary for improving their productivity.

Speaking on the partnership with Simplilearn, Neha Bagaria, JobsForHer, said, “While women representation is gaining traction in conversations and some industries have seen changes, we have a long way to go as there still exists a significant disparity when it comes to women in the tech industry. The bias that tech roles are more suitable for men still exists, discouraging women from jumping into these fields. To break the bias and empower women in Tech, we are happy to partner with Simplilearn to bring the best in the class program on Full Stack Java Development for women learners. This program enables them to have a comprehensive understanding of the domain and provides mentorship and networking opportunities to ensure women are job-ready from day one of program completion.”

The Simplilearn Job Guarantee assures learners with a guaranteed job* within six months (180 days) of starting career services post-program completion. Simplilearn’s skilling programs are designed to help create a future-ready workforce, and the Job Guarantee* initiative further incentivizes individuals to pursue career-focused upskilling and aspire to succeed without the worry of finding a job.

Simplilearn conducts more than 1,500 live classes, with an average of 70,000 learners who collectively spend more than 500,000 hours each month on the platform. Programs offered by Simplilearn give learners the opportunity to upskill and get certified in popular domains.

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