Saraf furniture announces flexible working hours and baby care units for female employees

Saraf furniture announces flexible working hours and baby care units for female employees

Saraf Furniture, India’s solid wood furniture player in a major initiative to empower its women workforce announced its new employee-benefitting campaign ‘Aapse Hi Toh Hum Hain’ throughout the company starting this Women’s Day. The campaign will take notice the needs of the company’s women employees at priority.

Saraf Furniture hails from Sardarshahar, a small town in Rajasthan. They run their operations near the town, so as to provide employment opportunities to the locals. They have always been known to take that dreaded unconventional approach when it comes to running their business. In this announcement too they aim at strengthening and empowering their women workforce.

Keeping in mind the comfort of the pandemic and working, the company has announced to install baby care units for new mothers. Understanding this need of affection and the necessity to work, the company took this decision for its female employees. Also adding, the period leaves they provided for last year will also be extended for the financial year 2022-23.

Flexible working hours will remove the rigid system of a 9-5 job. The employees will be provided to complete their hours as per their convenience. This will strengthen the autonomous working of the enterprise. In large it will make the employees more energetic and enthusiastic for working. They can wish to switch to 10-6, 11-7 timeframe or can also talk to the HR for completing certain number of hours during the week. This is being done keeping their employees in mind.

Speaking about the event, Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO- Saraf Furniture Said, “ We came up with this initiative ‘Apse Hi Toh Hum Hain’ as we feel as a business it is our duty to promote equality at workplace. We must lay emphasis to the skills required for working. As we all are accustomed to the WFH routine during the pandemic, as an organization it is our responsibility to make our employees feel at home. We came up with this initiative to make our female employees more content, satisfied and dedicated towards their roles. These initiatives will help keep their morale boosted which in turn will affect positively in our business operations.”

Saraf Furniture has been in talks for taking the unconventional approach from providing period leaves to its women employees to give 12-day holiday break to its employees in the past weeks.  Also, the company is in talks about their expansion plans. Soon Saraf Furniture will be expanding their offline presence in major cities across the country.

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