Quantiphi announces first ever Hybrid Work Policy to promote zero proximity bias

Quantiphi announces first ever Hybrid Work Policy to promote zero proximity bias
Quantiphi’s FlexiWork policy is the first formal policy in the industry aimed to empower its workforce with unparallel flexibility in choosing the way they want to work. The policy aims to eliminate the proximity bias by allowing its employees to choose either remote or hybrid work model. With its pioneering approach to leading a cultural movement, Quantiphi promises to celebrate employees and their diverse working preferences.

March 30, 2022— Quantiphi, an AI-first digital engineering company, announced its FlexiWork policy—its latest addition to an existing suite of employee-friendly benefits that ensures employees feel valued, heard, and engaged. The revolutionizing work model is introduced in response to the changing work patterns accelerated by Covid and to address the needs of the diverse range of employees, ranging from Gen Z and millennials to Gen X.

“Quantiphi’s culture is centered on meaningful connections and relationships.We want our people to have the complete freedom to decide their version of an effective working model,” said Mohini Palchowdhury, Head – Human Resources at Quantiphi. “The idea of a traditional workplace as we know has changed forever. The future of work is rapidly evolving, and we need to adapt to these changes to ensure our people and our customers get the best experiences.”

Designed to strike a fine balance between in-person and virtual work, the policy will offer exclusive benefits to those who choose to return to the office (opting for hybrid work model) while also celebrating those choosing to work remotely.The benefits will have no impact on their existing compensation and performance bonuses to ensure the elimination of proximity bias.The hybrid work model will allow people to connect personally and come together to create new, meaningful experiences and outcomes. Employees opting for the hybrid work model will avail of exclusive benefits like hybrid allowances and an enhanced relocation bonus.They will also get anadditional flexibility to work from anywhere across the globe for one month.

“Attracting top talent and being productive in today’s modern world requires an evolving and practical policy where everyone, regardless of where they work, can collaborate, contribute, and be rewarded objectively,” said Ritesh Patel, Founder at Quantiphi. “Our people go the extra mile to support their teams and drive customer satisfaction. We have always been committed to making it as easy as possible for them. We believe that the new FlexiWork model will bring greater work-life balance and an environment that promotes trust and accountability.”

As the world navigates the path of the new normal, Quantiphi is engineering a transformation by officially formalising the hybrid work policy. The new working pattern will provide the company with an edge in vying for talented and highly motivated employees. The FlexiWork policy is aimed to facilitate effective collaboration, engaging conversations, and ultimately create a cohesive environment. This will drive flexibility and agility at the organizational level to fuel employee engagement, promote productivity and innovation, and retain top talent.

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