Putting people beyond profit

Putting people beyond profit
These leaders will be the ones with the wide-reaching perspective and innovative solutions that reach far beyond the micro to make a macro difference; economically as well as organisationally and perhaps even socially.

Did you know that, according to Deloitte, eighty-five percent of employees around the world are not engaged or are actively disengaged from their jobs? Given we spend five sevenths of our week at work this is worryingly high, especially when you pair it with levels of anxiety, depression and burn out which are all soaring as the year comes to an end.

Putting our people beyond our profit is a discussion that is still relatively new in India but with the experience of having worked from home for such an extended period of time, people are now truly reconsidering what work means to them and how they see the future of their work life choices. En-masse the workforce is reconsidering what their long-term role and value is alongside the balance sheet reconciliation and adjusted financials for year end. People are questioning their need to maintain an office-based role, or to work for a boss that doesn’t seem to be able to connect with them, and they are asking the tough questions about the wellness, and the reward,...

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