Leadership development process should be non bureaucratic and fair

Leadership development process should be non bureaucratic and fair
Building next-gen leaders and CXOs has become top-priority for HR. HR leaders and the learning function becomes the sounding board for business leaders and CEO to spot and nurture this process. Capable HR leadership can influence the senior management to take this agenda seriously.

How is the concept of next-gen leadership evolving in the face of current business situations?

RG The topic of next-gen leadership has always been there, however it evolved with time. At every point of evolution of an organization there has been concern or interest to safeguard the future of the organization and thus in some way or the other management showed interest in the concept of next-gen leadership. The fundamentals of leadership will never change, be it how it was 50 years back, or currently. However, certainly the context changes, and thus if we see from a current time lens it assumes different significance compared to an earlier period.

The current business situation is more dynamic and uncertain in comparison with perhaps even few years back. There are constant disruptions and headwinds at socio-political, economic and regulatory levels across the globe. Developments in one part of the world rapidly impacts business in other parts...

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Rajorshi Ganguli

President and Global HR Head at Alkem Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai

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