People agenda and HR Processes after Covid

People agenda and HR Processes after Covid
Covid has accelerated all actions which organizations wanted to take. With this changed scenario, workplaces will be defined by personalised solutions, focus on wellbeing, culture, autonomy and inclusivity.

What will be your answer if I ask you the question, “Who drives the digitalization journey in the organization?”. Typical answers will be CEO or CTO or somebody responsible in the Management board. I think digitalization is driven by the corona virus pandemic; yes Covid19. Covid19 situation forced us to change. One fine morning, everybody started working from home using digital platforms. This is the New Normal now.

With a changed scenario in workforce management, we also need to understand the implication of the corona virus pandemic on human resource & work.

You are already reading news of companies planning to move employees, to work from home giving them more flexibility. This will also save the cost on infrastructure. The use of flexible and contractual workforce will be one of the elements of workforce strategies. But before that let’s predict what employer and Human Resource will have to work for creating a better future.

Three major imperatives will change the functioning of Human Resource function. HR professionals will have to...

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Vinod Bidwaik

currently is Vice President- HR & CHRO (IMEA), Alfa Laval India Private Limited

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