Need to work on improved relationship with boss

Need to work on improved relationship with boss

1. The ED Divakar Shah lacked empathy and compassion. He lacked understanding capability from the employee’s point of view and his only sole purpose was to support his boss Ketanbhai’s decision and ensure that his instructions are carried out. It can also be seen from the case study that ED didn’t walk the talk as he only had withheld handover of dead body from hospital to patient’s relatives till the dues were cleared. And when the matter came to notice of media, he rebuked Prem in front of the public as if it were fault of his. So it can be concluded that the ED lacked both character and values. Also ED couldn’t handle pressure. He would lose his temper when under pressure as can be seen by him abusing Prem over phone when Prem apprised him of situation of discontentment amongst employees when they came to know that their additional allowances due to Covid-19 was withdrawn and as a consequence, hospital work was paralyzed by the staff and new patients were not allowed to be admitted. ED may seem to be strong outside...

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