Management should not adopt appeasement policy

Management should not adopt appeasement policy

Shop floor Management in an industry is not only a management of production, material and inventory rather it’s a combination with people management. At every phase one has to deal with each other and this people management not only requires a skill of communication and interaction with patience and compassion but also a sense of conflict management.

Officer in charge of shop floor has to deal with different mind sets of blue caller workforce who work physically. They may be competent and skill full in their job but not necessary for all of them to be polished. They need to be trained in soft skills with continuous counseling. And this is the job of shop floor supervisor or the immediate officer to coach them in communication and behaviour aspects as well. For workmen these supervisors are the first representative of the management therefore their communication, response and attitude gives the meaning as if given on behalf of management.

One should very well know that...

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Anil Malik

Management Consultant HR & IR Strategies, AM HR Solutions, Indore.

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