Living in fool’s paradise

Living in fool's paradise
Open-ended commitment will be needed from all stakeholders involved starting with the adoption of the goal of value, a culture of patients first, and the expectation of constant, measurable improvement.

1. As rightly talked about in the ending line of the case study, Bala was unable to accept or see the ground realities for himself of the actual HR situation, the findings of which were noted by the 3rd party HR Audit Agency & presented to the CMD of the Hospital. While Bala was busy creating People-Centric HR Policies, pushing for the right HR equipment needed for an organisation to be in place, working towards getting the organisation certified as best employer to work for, or even giving PR interviews in magazines bragging about the organisation’s strong and healthy HR policies and service way of behaving of workers having the highest level of engagement, he was happily unaware of all that was happening below him. He was under the impression that everything is working fine. There was a disconnect between him operating at the highest level, at the top, and the reportees with whom he used to coordinate to get all commonly-done actions, daily work done from the individual hospital branches HR Heads, and COO. This could be seen by one of the audit findings that referred...

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