Mohit should become independent in thinking

Mohit should become independent in thinking

1. At its most basic definition, a product is the way an organisation delivers and captures value. A product team will work hard to get to know that consumer’s needs and how the organisation’s products and services can be continuously improved to make them more successful. So if that is not being followed and preference is given only to packaging quality over actual product content, that may work as short to medium term business strategy but eventually the end consumers will find out and shun their preference for product and move to some other better product. A product should not be judged by its cover as ultimately it’s the end product consumed that moderates the positive effect of packaging. Consumer awareness is very high these days. In the era of social media, a poor quality product however nicely packaged though may get negative reviews and ratings from dissatisfied consumers and this will lead to negative word of mouth publicity. So even prospective consumers will be lured away from buying this product as one dissatisfied...

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Mihir Gosalia

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April 2024

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