Muvi Makes its Work Culture Document – Open for All

Muvi Makes its Work Culture Document - Open for All
Committed to an open and employee-friendly environment, Muvi aims to promote its work culture ideology by making its work culture document open to all

New York, 25 May 2022 – Muvi (, the leading OTT streaming platform and enterprise SaaS solution provider, today open-sourced their specially crafted work culture document for startup and private enterprise communities. The document has been scripted and developed by Anshuman Das, Founder and CEO of Muvi, and can be accessed by anyone.

Defining a work culture is one of the foundation pillars for any successful enterprise. Considered one of the most tedious processes, Muvi aims to provide this open-source document as a proper guide to help individuals and companies better structure terms and conditions and roll out employee-friendly policies with the intention of achieving a truly diverse and inclusive workforce, a workforce that finds true meaning in the work they do, and in the value they create.

The open-source work culture document will be freely available and can be used as a layout/blueprint for companies and startups to use and modify while building their work culture policy. This work culture document has been curated with knowledge and experience gathered over years of Anshuman’s entrepreneurial and leadership experience. The document outlines some of the company’s general philosophies and is not exercised as rules or policy statements. The document provides a general idea about what kind of company they are and/or want to achieve, along with tips on the common activities that are practised in a company.

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The document also comes with easy to use internal templates for emails, presentations, spreadsheets and memos to enable its readers to effectively communicate with colleagues and peers.

In the words of Mr Anshuman Das, Founder and CEO, Muvi, “A company’s work culture, value system, ethics, integrity and transparency, is what makes the company achieve greater heights of success over the years. We are happy to share this work culture document which can help startups adopt not only an employee-friendly policy but also addresses the interests from the company’s side as well. We are extending this document to budding entrepreneurs and hoping to lend a helping hand in their entrepreneurial journey”

Investing in your people is one of the best things you can do for your organisation, and this is precisely what we do at Muvi. As a people-centric organisation, Muvi strives to empower and enable people across the board, and that is rightly reflected in our work culture document as well.

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