Maturity with empathy is key to accelerate metal wellbeing

Maturity with empathy is key to accelerate metal wellbeing
Organizations can drive positive mental wellbeing by treating symptoms and by going after the root cause. Both prove to be equally important. Organizations should use MENTAL strategy to drive positive mental wellbeing.

During covid pandemic turmoil, most people have been through isolation, depression and anxiety, which are certainly going to reflect in their work attitude. How HR should address this challenge?

HK First let’s understand the challenges

1. Natural dislike

Work from Home was always considered a cool practice. However, the pandemic has forced it on people. Anything which is not a choice, gets treated with disdain, a natural dislike for it.

At the same time, pandemic has restricted the movement of people. They are confined to their homes. This restriction has cut down the social interaction that used to happen with friends, relatives and colleagues at work. This side effect of the pandemic is also aggravating the dislike for Work from Home.

2. Small little breaks

Work from Home has made...

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Harjeet Khanduja

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