Managing Anxiety at Work

Managing Anxiety at Work
An Open-door policy helps ensure a friendly, communicative, and welcoming work culture. It also helps build employee trust and promote closer working relationships. A culture supporting mental health will encourage more employees to open up, feel comfortable to talk about their struggles and enable employers to proactively address concerns and mitigate at the start itself.

Health and wellness of employees at the workplace has been an area of focus for some time, but with the COVID-19 crisis, the emotional challenges employees are facing have increased manifold. Over the last year, the pandemic has elevated stress and anxiety levels among both employers and employees.

The implications have been not only on one’s mental health and wellbeing, but also on one’s engagement at work. Having anxiety at workplace may affect performance and productivity, quality and engagement at work, working relationships with colleagues and supervisors.

Everyone experiences and exhibits anxiety and depression differently, but there are certain signs which might be early indicators of work anxiety. These include :

  • Noticeable change in concentration and motivation levels.
  • Inability to make decisions, difficulty concentrating or focusing.
  • Mood...

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Melvin Gladstone

Chief HR Officer at Edelweiss General Insurance

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Melvin Gladstone

Chief HR Officer at Edelweiss General Insurance

April 2024

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