SEE Loneliness at Workplace

SEE Loneliness at Workplace
At workplace, loneliness of an individual can result in disengagement, lack of organisational commitment, loss of productivity and reduced performance. This is not just confined to the person who is feeling lonely but others too as it has a spill over effect - emotions after all are infectious and impact people around us.

Organisation is consciously coordinated activities of two or more persons in pursuit of common purpose. It is clear from the definition that organisations are created to fulfil certain purpose and all the people working in an organisation should work towards achieving that purpose. In case employees are not able to contribute towards organisation’s goal, it becomes essential on part of organisations to find the reasons and remove roadblocks if any. One such reason, which has emerged recently and has influenced the productivity and performance of employees adversely, is SEE – Social, Emotional and Existential Loneliness. Loneliness has permeated corporate world. Work from home during Covid-19 pandemic has aggravated the feeling of loneliness amongst employees as most of them don’t get to meet their colleagues and don’t have anyone compatible at home who they can speak their mind with. This has hampered their performance at workplace. Therefore, organisations should see to it that SEE does not disrupt the smooth functioning of...

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Dr. Shalini Wadhwa

Assistant Professor at MPSTME, NMIMS, Mumbai

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