Nothing can replace the strength of physical connect at workplace

Nothing can replace the strength of physical connect at workplace
The leaders who reach out physically to their people with all precautions will score. When people at the shop floor know that their managers are at the workplace as well, working with them shoulder to shoulder, no overt communication is needed. People can sense if the organisation cares for them. They do not have to be told.

How do you visualize the new normal of work and workplace beyond covid?

PS It has been six months into the new normal of life, and most of us have learnt to understand the impact, Covid is having on all spheres of our lives. It has spread its tentacles deep into our behaviour and has tested organisations for their resilience and character as it unfolded.

My belief is that the new normal itself is not static. It is organic and will keep evolving based on how the disease progresses and also how our minds – individually and collectively – perceive the risks. The initial few months were spread in some kind of raw shock, coming to terms with the disease and extremely morbid news coming in from everywhere. There was an element of denial as well, with talks of Indian summer killing the virus and our own super immune systems holding the fort.

As we are a part of the essential services industry, being in...

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Prashant Sharma

President - Group Manufacturing and Operations at Zydus Cadila (Cadila Healthcare Ltd.), Ahmedabad

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