Making Hybrid Work for women

Making Hybrid Work for women
Gender diversity is a common thread that runs across all companies committing to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I), a significant subset of which being the focus on hiring and growing women.

We have travelled a distance, of what could have easily been a decade worth of journeying, in the last two years alone. It was unfathomable just two years’ back that a majority of the companies, regardless of the nature of their business, would have their employees working from home. This state of remote working should have been the perfect answer to all the work-life balance concerns that employees and women in particular, have been voicing all this while. But this was not to be! The circumstance in which work moved from office to home spaces, and the price that this shift entailed, has not be entirely what we anticipated.

Now that getting physically back to workplace is starting to look like a possible option, but not taking away the uncertainty of the pandemic restrictions and health concerns looming relatively large in the backdrop, companies are turning to hybrid work options. This would essentially be a blend of employees working remotely as well as from the physical workplace. Once again, it is trickier than it seems. There is the matter of employees willingly...

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