Institutionalising positive work culture

Institutionalising positive work culture - Dr. G. Ramesh & A HariKrishnan

With historic level of disruption in the workplaces, the post-covid scenario poses a set of new challenges as well as opportunities in the job market. The economic turbulence and layoff- caused staff cut to have become minimal and started to show decreasing trends. Newer job openings emerge in the light of companies showing interests in back filling the vacancies. Given the prevalent uncertainties, there is a pressure in job market especially in IT industry. Major IT companies are announcing considerable job layoffs; hiring and future additions in this sector is predicted to be extremely low in 2023. These companies have enough employees and attempt up skilling or reskilling the current workforce. Opportunities are increasing in marketing, advertising, social media, graphic designing project increasing trends. Positions like Business and Market Research Analyst, investment banker, graphic designer and content manager are depicting increasing opportunities. Sectors like manufacturing, construction, energy, and gas extraction are bringing potential employment opportunities. Both...

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Dr. G. Ramesh

is Assistant Professor of Commerce, Sir Theagaraya College, Chennai.

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Dr. G. Ramesh

is Assistant Professor of Commerce, Sir Theagaraya College, Chennai.

A HariKrishnan

is Part Time Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Business Administration, Government Arts College for Men, Nandhanam, Chennai.

June 2024

Work Culture: Decode & Drive - June 2024

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