Handbook on Social Security

Handbook on Social Security

Handbook on Social Security

The Handbook on Social Security is a concise and condensed version of the Social Security Laws in India. A reading and perusal reveal the authenticity with which it is written by including the meanings of the provisions of the law with an updated understanding of Judicial Pronouncements of various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India. This book is a ready reckoner for working HR professionals and practitioners. It is written in lucid and simple language sans Legal Jargon and provides a holistic understanding of employee Social Security Laws in India.

This Handbook is by veteran and versatile HR professional Mr. SV Ramachandra Rao with more than four decades of experience in the entire gamut of HR functions. It makes the reading easy to understand and enables one to overcome the difficulties in implementing the Laws. The Handbook covers the existing Social Security Laws besides highlighting the main and the new features of the Social Security Code in the offing.

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The handbook is one of a kind in the annals of Indian Employee Statutory books. It is written in a Question & Answer format. The sequence of the questions in each enactment and the brief to-the-point answers in simple language almost correspond to the provisions and sections of the law sequentially. The book is a treasure trove for all the questions and doubts that arise in implementing these Acts and rules daily – the book has answers!
The insightful knowledge inputs available in the book cover Social Security to the workers/employees during employment and also benefit the employees to fall back upon during rainy days.

Mr. Rao, an ardent believer in professional ethics and values with invaluable experience did a commendable job in bringing out this handbook for the benefit of working HR professionals responsible for the implementation of these laws. This book will also certainly be helpful to the students of law to understand the Social Security laws comprehensively. The HR practitioners with experience will also find this book handy for reference whenever needed.

The contribution of Mr. Rao in writing this handbook needs to be placed on record in the appreciation of the HR fraternity as it gives practical and workable solutions to the day-to-day problems while implementing these laws in their organizations.

The entire sale proceedings will be donated to Aikya Vidyarun by Hare Krishna Movement.

Review by Mr. Soma Raju, Retd. DCL, Telangana

Author : S V Ramachandra Rao
Publisher : Resource Inputs Pvt. Ltd., 204, 2nd Floor, 7-1-201/2, Bhavaya Srisailam Arcade, Dharam Karan Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500 016 (Telangana)
Price : Rs. 400/-
Email : svrr@hrchambers.com

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