Teach to Touch Hearts and Minds (PURSUIT OF A NOBLE PROFESSION)

Teach to Touch Hearts and Minds

Teach to Touch Hearts and Minds

Human life is meant for living through learning which is a lifelong process starting from the fetus level to the last breath on the earth. This concept is all more applicable to teachers of all levels, since as “Nation Builders” they educate and prepare the youth who then contribute to society and the growth of the nation. That way teaching is one of the noblest professions in the world.

India is poised to become the third largest economy in the world very soon and this objective places a heavy responsibility on teachers who play a significant role in turning out good and useful citizens through their teaching process.

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That way teachers apart from their chosen area of discipline, are expected to know about the glory of the ancient Indian education system which was world famous with students flocking to our universities from all over the world. Firstly, to take pride in our ancient systems and secondly to explore the feasibility of implementing some of the practices in their present teaching methodologies. The ultimate objective of any good education system is to make sure that the students learn to differentiate between ‘the good and the bad’ and to follow the path of virtue and finally become a good human being as intended by the Creator.

This is the crux of the book “Teach to Touch Hearts and Minds: Pursuit of a Noble Profession” by Colonel Dr VRK Prasad an educationist and an accomplished author who has authored several books on various subjects. The book is a simple one and makes light reading highlighting, the Learning Process, Education in our country, our ancient education system and its strengths, and the chapter on the role of teachers, which constitutes the life of the book, finally concluding with good case studies. In all the book is a useful reference and a guide to teaching fraternity as a whole.

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