Gig economy sees 3X surge in participation from women : Report

Gig economy sees 3X surge in participation from women :Report

Taskmo has released insights basis data collected from its platform on trends of women participation in the gig economy. The platform which sees completion of over 10,000 tasks per day caters to enterprises, SMBs and Start-ups helping them find relevant talent to do the job on a task basis.

According to data from Taskmo, formerly known as FeedmyPockets, in a month- around 10,000 to 12,000 women apply for tasks on the platform, whereas before six months, it was only 200-4000 women participant. Additionally, industries like fin-tech, edtech, e-commerce, fashion tech and health-tech are showing maximum job allocation for women gig workers.

“As the concept of gig popularises, there is a surge in the participation of women who are willing to take up a gig job. This exponential increase can be attributed to the awareness and convenience that the Gig industry offers to their participants. Women candidates, who had applied at Taskmo are mainly preferred for job roles such as – Customer support, Content monitoring & moderation, Tele-sales, Audits & Surveys” said Prashant Janadri, co-founder, Taskmo

Gig economy marks the beginning of a new era of employment. Taskmo helps companies outsource on-ground, operational tasks to distributed gig workers in ‘pay-based-task’ modules and hires gig workers in hourly, monthly, and full-time roles in ‘pay-per-hire’ basis.

An analysis of the data from the platform also showed a steady difference in the demographic details of women workers. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in women opting for Gig jobs. Around 50 % of women who registered at Taskmo were from Urban areas or Tier 1 cities, around 30 % belonged to Tier 2 cities and close to 20% were from Tier 3 cities. This change in the demography of women workers is highly remarkable as in the pre-pandemic times, 70-75% of women workers were from Tier 1 cities alone.

A majority of the women workers come from Tier 1 cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Bangalore being the most preferred and Chennai the least. Although, task opportunities are not gender biased, most women end up being employed in the customer support, content monitoring & moderation, telesales, audits & survey. At Taskmo, workers can leverage opportunities based on their area of interest, location, availability and experience.

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