Establishments allowed to operate 24×7 in Tamil Nadu

Establishments allowed to operate 24x7 in Tamil Nadu

Government of Tamil Nadu, by issuing order dated 2.6.22 exempted all shops and establishments employing 10 (ten) or more persons from the applicability of Section 7(1) (opening and closing hours of shop) of the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Act, 1947 (“TN Shops Act”) for a period of 3 (three) years with effect from June 5, 2022, unless it is revoked, subject to the following conditions, namely: (a) every employee shall be given one day holiday in a week on rotation basis, and the details of every employee shall be provided in ‘Form S’ added to the Tamil Nadu Shops and Establishments Rules, 1948 and shall be exhibited by the employer in a conspicuous place in the establishments; (b) every employer shall exhibit details of the employees who are on holiday/leave, on daily basis, in a conspicuous place in the establishments; (c) the wages including overtime wages of the employees shall be credited to their savings bank account; (d) an employer shall not require or allow any person employed to work therein for more than 8 (eight) hours in any day and 48 (forty eight) hours in any week and the period of work including over time shall not exceed 10 ½ (ten and a half) hours in any day and 57 (fifty seven) hours in a week.

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