CEO has to strengthen his execution skills

CEO has to strengthen his execution skills
Setup emergency contact nos. or details as whom to reach out in these times and make sure that this information is easily available/communicated to all including to its customers & suppliers.

1-The problem in question here is all three related to human factors i.e. resistance to change, motivational and most important lack of leadership skills or ability to take initiative in times of crisis or respond to an emergency. The prevailing scenario in 24×7 power solutions company shows their lack of preparedness to an emergency situation and how the company’s team of functional heads were caught napping. This is inspite of CEO Rupendra’s repeated cautioning to his functional heads to prepare and put a proposed contingency plan before him as to how to manage different affairs seamlessly during adverse times, but they were unable to do so. Rupendra could visualise the disaster on the anvil. This also depicts lack of execution skills by the CEO in getting the work done from his team when it was the need of hour.

Another important factor to note here is resistance to change, coming out of your comfort zone & being prepared to do something that is never done before, accepting the new reality....

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