51.8% of women continue to experience bias at the workplace, reveals JobsForHer survey

51.8% of women continue to experience bias at the workplace, reveals JobsForHer survey

March, 08, 2022: Women have time and again been required to prove their mettle at the workplace, overcoming several biases and facing gender disparity. However, they have always risen to the top through sheer hard work, passion, dedication, and skills. But the million-dollar question is ‘Are women still subject to biases?’ ‘Are they offered sufficient opportunities like their male counterparts?’

To understand this, JobsForHer, India’s leading online career portal for women, conducted a survey named #BreakTheBias with 3500 female professionals, just ahead of International Women’s Day. Here’s what the survey revealed.

When it comes to being represented across the corporate ladder, despite being significant contributors in the workforce, a majority of women continue to feel underrepresented. The #BreakTheBias survey revealed that 66.5% felt underrepresented while 33.5% disagreed. 51.8%, said they had experienced unconscious or conscious bias at the workplace, while 48.2% said they hadn’t faced it.

The survey highlights the need for increased opportunities, support, and representation of women in the workforce to help them become trailblazers in their respective fields

Furthermore, one of the biggest gender disparities is unequal access to resources, opportunities, or networks and a lack of support. And JobsForHer’s #BreakTheBias survey proved this right. 38.1% of the respondents said that lack of opportunities was the obstacle to becoming successful at the workplace, while 25.6% cited a lack of support from the senior management as the reason. Additionally, 31.3% of respondents felt that insufficient training to help prepare for leadership roles made success hard to come by, while 5% felt other factors were the reason.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer, said, “Over the years, women have constantly overcome all odds to rise to the top of the career ladder.  JobsForHer’s survey showcases how women still face multiple obstacles preventing them from professional success. We are committed to enabling every woman to start, restart or rise in her career by offering them a myriad of opportunities, skilling and community. Today, fortunately, gender parity is being considered a top priority for organizations as they are introducing more family-friendly policies and women-specific L&D programs. We can expect a significant change in the coming years with more women in the workforce as well as leadership roles.”

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