Work-life balance is a prerequisite for quality life

Work-life balance is a prerequisite for quality life
The year 2021 started with newfound hope with highly effective vaccines against the corona virus. The governments are ensuring vaccine distribution and administration around the world, with the possibility of a return to normal life within the coming year.

Is work life balance still deemed as a misnomer in the culture of productivity or pandemic has changed this thought process?

SM It has been more than a year since Covid-19 created an unprecedented disruption, setting limits for human proximity, and impacting global economy and workplaces drastically. The pandemic spread continues to hit the world wherein the mankind is left with no choice but alter our lifestyle focussed on holistic wellness.

“Working Remotely/From Home”, as a mandate, is no longer treated under employee value proposition umbrella. Due to movement restriction, employees are confined within their houses only. Virtual workspace has blurred the time limit boundaries for official and personal work. The organisations’ financial inability to sustain the workforce & their employment continuity has resulted in a feeling fortunate to have a job and thereby the stretched work hours amongst employees with a fear of...

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Samriti Malhotra

Vice President - Global HRD at Denave, Noida

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