Creating Work-life balance through hobbies & passion

Creating Work-life balance through hobbies & passion
The most beautiful things which I found in photography that you start looking things, people and subject differently and incisively. It makes you curious about the people, place and nature.

In order to live happily and support the family we have to work and earn money. For this we all go through the whole process of formal education and enhance our chances of getting better career opportunities. Eventually we enter the professional world, get married, and have children. And we shoulder more and more responsibilities leaving behind all the fun and carefree days of school and college.

The passionate photographer, poet, theater lover, painter, and excursionist in us gradually turn so busy struggling between his professional and personal life that he hardly gets any time to pursue his hobbies and passions. For becoming successful he sacrifices doing what he loved the most at one point of time. Today, majority of working people secretly wish to quit their job and live the same care free life again, indeed it is not a wise idea. In most cases, the reason behind people wanting to quit the job is either they do not love what they are doing or they are at the wrong place.

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Viral Das

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