UTSAV ‘The Celebration of Life’

UTSAV ‘The Celebration of Life’

‘The Celebration of Life’

UTSAV ‘The Celebration of Life’ is a unique value proposition by Senior HR leader, Dr Jignesh Shah, with candid thoughts, outstanding experiences and remarkable initiatives that enrich the personal and professional life of an individual, it is a piece of work that showcases his magnificent career journey in HR along with unique HR initiatives followed by magnificent lessons as well as inspiring stories to develop wisdom and an admirable value system. It provides some useful tips to build a successful career in HR along with balancing one’s personal life. It also suggests practical ways and means to balance physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual health derived from real-life experiences which have helped him wonderful life by serving the lotus feet of lord Shri Krishna and continue spreading the message of kindness, love, compassion, and gratitude.

If you are passionate about HR and are looking forward to understanding the nuances of this profession, start digging in this book. His life journey depicted in the book which encompasses his early life, professional as well as personal experiences, accolades and achievements and spiritual journey have added enormous value to the book and will help all of you understand the narrative in a simple manner. The book is capable getting you completely engrossed in the content and will not allow you to put it aside until you have reached the crispness of the final page.

The book is divided into eight pats with each part discussing different aspects of my personal as well as professional life. Part 1 titled “The Beginning” talks about my early life and education, Part 2 titled “HR Voyage” talks about my experience in different organizations with the detailed discussion about the experience in each organization and the unique HR initiatives taken by me during my career, Part 3 titled “The path to wisdom” talks about pearls of wisdom that I have derived from my HR voyage in different organizations and various interesting and mesmerizing stories depicting various life lessons. Part 4 titled – “The Spiritual Journey” talks about my inclination towards spirituality, the importance of Yoga and Meditation for one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and Learnings from Srimad Bhagavad Gita. Part 5 Titles “The Traits and Value System” talks about my personality traits and the core values that have been an integral part of my personal as well as professional life. Part 6 titled – “Way Forward” talks about my future plans, Part 7 – titled “Conclusion” summarizes my entire journey and Part 8 – titled “A Kaleidoscope of Milestones” talks and my accolades and achievements across the tenure.

Author’s personal as well as professional experiences shared in this book will be a great value addition to the readers and help them embark on the path of progress and prosperity there by enriching their life journey.

Author : Dr. Jignesh Shah
Publisher : Nexus Stories Publication, Surat (Gujarat)
Price : Rs. 399/-
Website :

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