Time to invest in manager’s capability to engage and develop talent

Time to invest in manager's capability to engage and develop talent
In the current context, it is not a normal churning of labour force. This is getting complicated due to newer dimensions of work, ways of working and expectations between the employer and employees.

After much hyped global Great resignation, do you feel it has affected India also? If so, how and to what extent? Is it limited to tech talent or spread to all sectors?

SS This has been a critical event in the US job market during 2020-2021 largely in the IT industry. It was also an impact of pandemic time implications on work and workplace for the workforce.
We are seeing similar concern, not as grim as US, in Indian IT company now and moderately to other industries. We saw 2020 and 2021 as the year of job insecurity, work from home, no/lesser increase in salary, impact on variable pay etc. apart from issues around mental health and wellbeing. A recent Aon study of 1500 organisations across 40 sectors shows that 2021 attrition was 21% vs 12.8% in 2020, close to double. For the major Indian IT companies, it has been around 15% to 33%, surely a crisis.

As we are getting back to near normal and all sectors are scaling up their businesses, there is a sudden huge demand (almost double vs 2 years) of good talents. The challenges to...

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Sanjoy Shaw

currently is working as HR Director - South Asia, with Givaudan India Pvt Ltd., based in Mum-bai. With 22 years of robust HR experience, he is Gold Medalist from Viswa Bharati University (Shantinike-tan) and Devi Ahilya University (Indore).

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