Create a qualitative L&D strategy to retain talent

Create a qualitative L&D strategy to retain talent
Many times arrogance of successful employer brands also fail to identify the value of talent and disregard the need to connect with workforce and address their desires proactively resulting in huge unprecedented churning.

After much hyped global Great resignation, do you feel it has affected India also? If so, how and to what extent? Is it limited to tech talent or spread to all sectors?

BT In last two years global scenarios have definitely affected the mindset of the employees across the globe including India. The much hyped Great Resignation has not entered India as was happening in US, Europe and other developed countries. Having said that, there is a huge change in the thought process of knowledge workers in India, with a deep sense of self searching within, seeking answers for the purpose of success and fulfillment. Post pandemic, when the business has resumed with more vigor and enthusiasm, the demand for workforce has taken a huge high and quick rise in hiring has been seen across. Resignations in India were mostly due to increased demand of talent across all sectors but larger in technology sector. If I see it little more clearly, along with technology, healthcare is another area where the demand has increased and huge churning has been witnessed....

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Babu Thomas

currently is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Shalby Ltd. with over three decades of experience in HR. He is a Graduate in Economics & Law and Post Graduate in Social Science & HRM. He has worked with many companies of repute.

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