Time for people mental wellness to get priority

Time for people mental wellness to get priority
While automation and artificial intelligence have been key words in the ‘recent past, of late, the COVID pandemic has turned the spotlight back on human interaction and intervention. It is time for organisations to come forward to focus on the lives of employees rather than their P&L.

During covid pandemic turmoil, most people have been through isolation, depression and anxiety, which are certainly going to reflect in their work attitude. How HR should address this challenge?

ISM While the challenges of handling issues resulting from Covid at workplace are manifold, HR is the most ‘armed’ to handle these challenges and know perhaps the best of what needs to be done to combat the most challenging situation of all – how to constantly stay connected with employees in a remote environment, motivate them and help them overcome the constant feeling of helplessness leading to depression.

HR departments should proactively reach out to employees in a planned model to ensure all employees are covered by this outreach programme. Depending on the organization/ business and the type of employees that are engaged there (skills, maturity, qualification, white, blue collar, etc), HR should prepare a set of questions with the...

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