Antifragile Mindset

Antifragile Mindset
Our usual response to crisis is binary. We usually respond with either fear or acceptance. However this either or lens makes us at worst fragile and at best resilient – both adequate in most situations. The human race seeks more – to feel better, enhance our wellbeing and augment or productivity. Anti-fragile is beyond resilience and once embraced it allows for growth in crisis.

COVID-19 is a black swan event.

It is like nothing ever experienced before. It comes with great impact –

capricious and unprecedented. It compels myth making – story tellers and knowledge makers rise, inspired by a compelling need to foretell, explain and make meaning.

In these times and others, we humans have tried hard to predict the ambiguous, plan for the future and foresee the unforeseeable. In pursuit of capitalism and short term gains, we have abandoned contact with our vulnerability and lived in the present as un-present. Not surprisingly, the challenge on hand is dual – our inability to see beyond the obvious alongside our struggle to cope with what presents itself.

This pandemic is a time to open our senses and invite our innate wisdom to listen and see. There is a message afoot and real change will manifest when the lesson is learnt. To step into greater understanding, let us explore the idea of Anti-fragility and how Leaders can use this lens and this time of disruption to build thriving workplaces.

What is...

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Preeti D Mello

Head of Diversity and the LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai

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Preeti D Mello

Head of Diversity and the LeaD Academy at Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai

April 2023

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