SEVEN Recruitment Trends for 2022

The trends for 2022 as put up by authors in this article will serve as a guideline for your organisation to solidify your recruitment strategy and stay at the top of the talent war. There is no other option, but to follow these trends and leverage them to your advantage!

Recruitment has been always a major challenge for organisations and 2022 will be no less different. In fact, the talent war is likely to get more intense with organisations vying to hire candidates that are both quality and cultural fit. 2022 will witness organisations redefine their recruitment strategy to build a solid talent pool taking lessons from the disruptions caused by Covid.

In the last twelve months, recruitment strategies have had to adapt to change. With remote working and skills shortages taking over, it quickly became apparent in the early half of this year that the recruitment landscape wasn’t ever going to be the same as it once was, and many of us had to adapt.

This can happen only when HR is aware of the latest trends in hiring and incorporate them into their recruitment strategy. Let’s take a look at top trends that will rule the recruitment landscape in 2022.

1. Remote workforce hiring and usage of collaboration tools will increase

When Google conducted a two-year-study of its remote workforce of 5600...

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Sanjeevv Himachli

Principal Strategist, HRTales Media Private Limited

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