Pride generates from people, not technology

Pride generates from people, not technology
While those that didn't encash this opportunity were left facing the consequences in the form of reduced turnovers, increased attrition and an overall struggle to stay put in the wildly changing marketplace.

Do you think there will be need of recalibrating HR post covid? If yes, what would be the focus areas?

RP Yes. HR has always been at the forefront of facilitating the much-required changes in any organisation across the globe. This pandemic has taught us that not everything is permanent. Recalibration is quite the need of the hour as now the change that has come along with the pandemic holds some serious consequences and repercussions for those who are slow to adapt.

Organisations unable to fathom the severity and have shortcomings in ideating a suitable transformation are being rendered out of race in the journey of business success thereby recalibration is the only way forward in a post Covid world.

With the changing times our focus as an HR professional must change too, after all we are also widely attributed as the change agents. The focus has to be shifted and concentrated to employee well-being and their...

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Rajeev Pandya

Group General Manager - HRBP at Geetanjali Group, Udaipur

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